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Find the crystal ball

Madame Magnolia
Quite difficult

You’ve been hit by a dreadful curse that will strike at midnight. There is only one cure, to touch Madame Magnolia’s magical crystal ball! It carries great powers and should not fall into the wrong hands, so she has hidden it well.

The time is 23:00 when you arrive at her studio, can you find the crystal ball before midnight?

Back from the 80's

Most difficult

You have just woken up and immediately notice that something is wrong, have you ended up in the 80’s? How did this happen and how will you make it back? All you know is that you don’t want to be stuck in the 80’s.

The time hole is open for one hour, hurry!

journalist killed by mafia


A well-known and award-winning journalist has dug too deep and got a visit by the local mafia. There was bloodshed but the journalist used his last powers and managed to hide the weapon.

You, with big debts to the mafia, now gets an offer: If the weapon disappears, the debts will disappear as well. But hurry, the police will be back in 60 minutes!


Please contact us in advance if you wish to play in English. The reservation must be done at least 3 hours in advance. You need to cancel your booked appointment at least 24 hours in advance should you not be able to arrive.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the game starts so we have time to go over the rules. The game lasts for maximum 60 minutes. You pay online when you book, via Payson.

Price: 1000 SEK per game on Monday – Thursday. 1300 SEK on Friday – Sunday.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Escape room is also called quest room, escape game etc. Your mission is to search for clues and useful objects, use your little grey cells to solve mysteries and puzzles and of course collaborate and communicate within your team. You have an hour to solve the task of the room. There are rooms with all kinds of different themes, but the setup is usually the same. It is like a video game, but for real! Do you want to know more? Read  about Escape room on wikipedia.

No, the door is closed but not locked so it’s OK to leave the room if you need to go to the toilet for example. However, we do not pause the game, it will continue even if someone temporarily exits the room.

No, no special skills are required. Logical thinking, cooperation and communication takes you far. If you get stuck you can ask for hints, the game master is there to guide you.

There are some simple rules:
1. Do not break things, if something is stuck, it is supposed to be stuck. Some things are labeled with tape and should not be touched, e.g. electrical sockets.
2. You may not bring anything in to the room and use it in the game, such as tools or mobile phones. We offer lockers in our lobby where you can store outerwear, bags or personal belongings.
3. You do not have to climb anything.

Please contact us if you want to play in English and we will try to arrange that. If you haven’t contacted us in advanced we cannot promise that we will be available to host the game in English.

Our age limit is 16 years without an adult present in the team. We recommend the activity for 12 + years accompanied by at least one adult.

No, not in the same way as bowling or paintball for example, but please consider that our facility is in a basement and unfortunately there is no elevator.

3-6 players. It is possible for 2, but in that case we recommend that you have some prior experience from escape room.

If you are more than 6 players you need to book to games at the same starting time.

Yes, you make your reservation in our booking system. At least 3 hours in advance. You can only choose Swedish as the language to play in so if you want to play in English you need to contact us in advance so we can adjust the language-specific puzzles in the room.

You'll get a totalt refund if you cancel more than 24 hours before.
You will be charged 500 SEK if you cancel less than 24 hours before.
If you do not cancel and do not show up, you won't get a refund.

Please note, due to Covid-19 our cancellation policy has temporarily changed. You can cancel for free until 6 hours before your booked time. We wish that all our players are free from flu symptoms.

Make your cancellation in our booking system or send us an e-mail to A cancellation should always result in a confirmation from our booking system so please make sure that you have received the confirmation. Otherwise the cancellation haven't succeeded.

Our address is Storgatan 50 and we are located just a short walk from Rådhustorget, the big square in Umeå. The entrance is in the backyard. If you arrive by local bus the closest stop is Vasaplan. If you come by car there are some parking spaces just outside. Larger parking nearby is Åhlénstaket, Skeppsbron and the car park Parketten.

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No, but there are plenty of restaurants nearby if you want to eat before or after the game. It is not allowed to drink alcohol at our place and we reserve the right to cancel a game if we believe that someone in the company is too intoxicated.

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